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For my latest Fashion Photography assignment at SCAD Atlanta I was given the words "Excess/Abundance." I had to create a series of images that depict these words using only props and lighting. The first idea that came to mind was balloons and lots of it. I wanted the lighting to be broad and even so I used an Elinchrom 600 strobe in a 74" Octabank and a Profoto strobe in a strip soft box. In combination with the strobes, I used a slower shutter speed to blow out the natural window light.

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I recruited some help to blow up the balloons from other SCAD students. We blew up 144 balloons. This was a very successful fashion editorial shoot. I had beautiful high key images with an abundance of balloons. Afterwards my model, Aubrey Busek, had fun popping some of the balloons and we gave away the rest. The images will be submitted to various magazines for publication.

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