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I had the pleasure of interviewing Atlanta fashion photographer and SCAD senior Aspen Evans. I stopped by one of her fashion shoots for fashion designer JD Noble who recently graduated from SCAD in 2014. It was a great shoot and I was lucky enough to be able to document the whole thing.

Me: What made you want to do photography?

Aspen: I was really interested in fashion and I'm too short to model. I know I don't want to design clothes or sew at all but I love the imagery in fashion magazines so I knew I really wanted to photograph. But I think it really stemmed from watching America's Next Top Model and seeing what Nigel Barker did for Tyra Banks and all of the models there so I knew I wanted to do his job.

Me: What made you want to come to SCAD?

Aspen: Well I was looking for an art school that could deal with the fashion oriented things that I wanted to do vs. a state school. I applied to a couple of art schools but I figured it would probably be a little better to stay closer to home than go to CalArts which I got into or the School of Visual Arts in New York. I decided to stay down here and go to SCAD Atlanta.

Model: Abbey Salas

Me: Most important question is are you Canon or Nikon?

Aspen: Nikon all the way! That's why it kind of sucks going to SCAD because they're all Canon but I really appreciated this past quarter when they got Sigma lenses in the checkout cave for Nikon and for Canon and I was really excited about that but it was only for one quarter and I was really sad when they left but Nikon all the way!

Makeup Artist: Ashley Hursey

Me: How long have you been doing photography?

Aspen: Probably since I was about 15. I got my first camera around that time and I would just take pictures or make videos of the dumb things we were doing in high school and then someone stole my camera and I was really sad about that. I got my first big time camera, the DSLR that I have now, the D800 for my first photo class. Once you get here, you notice the quality of a good camera. I bought a top of the line Nikon and I've never looked back!

Me: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Aspen: Hopefully either working for a company as an in-house photographer or having my own studio. I think that's pretty much the goal.

Me: Do you have any photographers you're really inspired by?

Aspen: I think the only person I can really think of is Jüergen Teller. He does the ad campaigns for Marc Jacobs. They're really high flash film photography and I just like the way it looks. It just looks really new age but old at the same time if that makes any sense [Laughs].

Hair Stylist: Najae Lewis

You follow Aspen and see more of her work here

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