Splash of Color | High-Speed Paint Splash Photography

For my Project Seminar II class at SCAD Atlanta, I was instructed to work on a single project for 10 weeks. I decided to dive more into high-speed liquid photography (no pun intended). I joined forces with advertising major Momo Peterson as a collaboration to create an ad campaign. This project has developed over time and with patience, dedication, and a lot of paint I was able to produce this series of work which I call "Splash of Color". It wasn't an easy road and without the help of some SCAD peers, my Professor and even a few industry professionals, I wouldn't have been to accomplish it. This series was inspired by London based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz and his high-speed milk splash dresses as well as his liquid superhero paint outfits. Also make sure to check out the behind the scenes blog!

"Splash of Color: Pink"

Model: Bethany Bartkus

MUA: Michelle Daniel

"Splash of Color: Purple"

Model: Joselin Torres

MUA: Chrissy Tina Makeup

"Splash of Color: Red"

Model: Elena de Soto

MUA: Michelle Daniel

"Splash of Color: Blue"

Model: Ashley Weil

MUA: Chrissy Tina Makeup

"Splash of Color: Green"

Model: Lashay Wine

MUA: Michelle Daniel

"Splash of Color: Orange"

Model: Maggie Bass

MUA: Danielle Gardner

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