Street Meet L.A. | My First Photo Meetup

Since arriving in Los Angeles last Saturday, I've been doing all of the touristy things to do like seeing the Hollywood Sign at the Griffith Observatory and going to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and even being apart of live studio audiences at some of my favorite TV shows. But I was anxious to start shooting again so I found a photo meet up group called #StreetMeetLA on and they just so happened to be having their next photo walk in just two days. When I got to the starting location, there was a lot of photographers already there milling around and talking to each other and I felt out of place and intimidated. Everyone started introducing themselves to me and the other newcomers and I quickly felt at ease. After a lot more photographers showed up, we started walking to the first location which was a bridge over a freeway.

I was initially under the impression that we would just be taking photos of the Downtown L.A. skyline and I quickly realized that I'm not that into cityscape photography so I turned my camera on the other photographers instead. To my surprise though, models came out from the group and started posing for the photographers and all of a sudden I felt right at home and I was very excited for what the day had to offer.

Photo by David Schat @dschat

It was a fantastic day and I'm looking forward to the next meetup and every meetup after that!

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