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July 22, 2014 | Je suis arrivé à Paris

The entire SCAD Lacoste student body and faculty went on a 5 day excursion to Paris. We first took a bus for 1 hour to a train station in Avignon. We then took the train for 3 hours to Paris. We only had 3 minutes to get about 100 people onto that train before the doors closed. It was a bit of a frenzy but we all made it there on time.

We stayed at Hotel Home Latin which is in the Latin quarter of Paris. My room is the one in the middle with the balcony.

My roommates and I set out to explore the city and we ended up at the Arc de Triomphe. I also saw the Louis Vuitton store and office and it had a long line of people waiting to go in.

Danielle Gardner Photo_Paris Day 1-5.jpg