Inspirational Fashion Photographers

         Since I am taking fashion photography this quarter at SCAD Atlanta, I have developed a list of established fashion photographers who really inspire me and that I strive to be like one day.  I really like photographer Giovanni Gastel from Milan.  I love his use of lighting and compositions. Even his use of natural light is beautiful.  Another fashion photographer I’m really inspired by is Ben Hassett in NYC. I love all the work he does with Vogue and the quality of light in his images is stunning. His style of studio work is what I’m working towards.

         Michelangelo Di Battista is also another fashion photographer that inspires me. His look, even though they’ve been shot outdoors, look like they have a studio feel to them which I love.  I also like his use of foreground, middle ground and background in some of his photos. His photos look classic and clean and conceptual. Another photographer I like is Henrik Knudsen from Denmark. His Marc Hundley series is stunning and the lighting in his other photos is beautiful. The last photographer on my list is Steven Meisel. He is considered one of the most successful fashion photographers in the industry and shoots mainly for Italian and US Vogue.  Although his style is more eclectic than what I consider my style to be, I still love his work. He is admired by models all over and has gained the respect of a lot of professionals in the industry.