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       Hi, I'm Danielle Gardner and I'm a Los Angeles based photo retoucher and commercial photographer. I recently graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Atlanta, GA with a BFA in Photography. I fell in love with photography ever since owning my very first point and shoot camera and after upgrading to a DSLR, there was just no turning back. While studying at SCAD, I learned new techniques and the tricks of the trade and took my photography to the next level.

       I accidentally fell in love with high-speed liquid photography after a crazy idea to drop food into water. That was the first time I ever attempted anything like it and those series of images were in two juried photo exhibitions, a publication and 2nd runner up in PocketWizard's Photo of the Month contest for February 2014. I'm looking forward to making a big splash in the photography world!