July 2, 2014 | French Class and Pétanque

      Today, a group of the students gathered around and had a French lesson with one of the SCAD Lacoste staff, Marie. In addition to all of the basics of meet and greetings, we learned how to politely ask for things at the market. For example, if I wanted to know what something is I will say,  "Qu 'est ce que c'est?" which translates to "What is this?" A ruder way to ask that is, "C'est quoi?" which translates to "What's that?" So on my next trip to the market I will know how to politely ask for what I need and I definitely won't be insulting the locals with improper French.

      After the French lesson we learned how to play a popular French game called Pétanque. The objective of the game is to throw three hollow metal balls at a smaller wooden ball and the person who gets closest to the wooden ball wins. It is similar to the game bocce. I lost the game but it was still fun.

A Bientôt!