August 16, 2014 | Stargazing with Friends

     Tonight at around midnight me and one of my roommates Cierra and our friend Paige made a journey to the top of the mountain to the Château here in Lacoste. Our mission was to go and watch the stars in complete darkness. There is a big castle at the top that is half gone and abandoned but it is one of the main sites here so they light it up with bright lights every night and it really is quite beautiful but not so much tonight when we wanted darkness. We found a spot out in the middle of the field and laid down our blanket. My roommate, Cierra, is a film major here at SCAD so she brought her camera and tripod hoping to get video clips of shooting stars. I laid down and looked up and I couldn't believe what I was looking at. I saw millions of stars in the sky and it was probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. This was the type of moment that would have been great to capture in a photograph but I was enjoying just being in the moment and savoring every second of this night. No photograph in the world could possibly capture what I was looking at. I'll try to describe the scene using all 5 senses. The cool night air smelled crisp and fresh. I could feel emptiness all around me with the occasional gush of cool wind. All I could hear were my friends listening to music on their iPhone but I would sometimes tune it out as I got lost in the stars. I could also taste remnants of the tangy tropical Oasis drink that I just had on my tongue. The stars were bright and twinkling. They would go in and out of brightness so quickly. I also got to see the Big Dipper and it was ginormous. Coming from Atlanta, there are lights every where and I've never seen so many stars at night there before. When I was at home a few months ago, I saw my very first shooting star and I made my very first wish on it. Tonight though I was lucky enough to see 5 of them and I made 5 different wishes but I can't say what they are or else they won't come true. 

     After watching the stars for about an hour, I snapped out of my trance and realized how cold it was out tonight. I had only brought a blanket and it still wasn't enough. I ran to my room to bundle up and bundle up I did. I put on 6 shirts, 2 pairs of jeans, and 4 pairs of socks. You would have thought that I was getting ready to play in the snow. I went back up to the château and when I settled back in, the lights on the castle turned off right at 1:16am. This made the sky so much darker and the stars so much brighter. I could actually see the milky way. There were so many different colors it was so amazing. We watched the stars for another hour before calling it a night and heading back down. Tonight was so amazing that it really makes me want to go camping someday and sleep under the stars. I loved stargazing. It was great to just stare out into the vast open space and wander what else might be out there.